Gateway modules

Interface gateway between AVS control panels equipped with IP communicator interface.
Compatibility with: CAPTURE/XTREAM/RAPTOR, EWEB Plus, EWEB boards
Dimensions and mounting on 4-module DIN rail
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End-user Manual Installer Area


User licence for XGATE PLUS

The Xgate Plus user license allows the supervision and management through a web browser of a complete system EIB/KNX or MODBUS allowing the remote management through Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Mac and Linux. With XGATE PLUS it is possible to remotely control environmental temperatures, lighting, automated curtains
and rolling shutters, pumps, motors and all the home automation integrated on the Bus EIB/KNX and MODBUS. It’s possible to implement graphical charts to create a tailor made supervision interface. The dynamic icons make the system easier for the user. It’s possible to supervise the AVS control panel status, such as arming/
disarming of the partitions, inclusion/exclusion of the zones and the status of the OC output. For a quick video verification, you can access the CCTV cameras if available on the system. A configuration graphic software allows the creation of customisable domotics supervisions for any kind of system. Compatibility: XTREAM, RAPTOR,

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