Video verification management software for Central Monitoring Station

Vigilant is the advanced software dedicated to the Central Monitoring Station and allows you to receive AVS Electronics systems video alarms on one or more PC work stations. When a “video alarm” is sent to the Central Monitoring Station, a pop up appears on the PC desktop with a preview displayed.

Available also the version to be installed in the main SERVER, with a dedicated tool (not provided by AVS).

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Centralization software with graphical maps

ELM is a software for the centralization of one or more Xtream-Capture control panels on the local LAN-TCP IP network, or remotely via ADSL. The user interface provides complete management of the control unit. It is possible to display the status of the zones and the outputs directly on the graphic map and send commands and activations in real time. The software can display images from IP cameras connected through the TCP-IP network. System requirements: Windows®7, 8®, 10®.
The full user licence for ELM software (LIC-ELMXLB) allows to display graphical maps, manage the system and video images.

NOTE: ® the above trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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Licenza d’uso per software ELM

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Event reception software

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User licence for WINREC software

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Programming software for AVS control panels with Wizard Included

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XUser is the advanced software developed to connect a single PC to different XTREAM-RAPTOR-CAPTURE control panels and allows to change the end-user parameters

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License for XUSER software activation

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